Wednesday, August 26, 2015

High/Low - - of Parenting

The longer we are parents the more things we learn or relearn.  For example, back to school stunningly reminds me that three kids require a lot of logistics.  Way more logistics, in fact, than when they hang around the house most of the summer. Who knew? There are other things that we're reminded of frequently like how different they each are, but with some underlying similarities. Then there are days like today where one is on a big "High" and the other is rolling towards a low.  First the good news----

High - I feel so incredibly blessed that Lady M had an immediate friend in kindergarten.  You see, one of the girls in her class she already knew a bit from Sunday School.  So, everyone rejoiced that they get to see each other six days a week and are getting along famously even if her sweet friend has a tendency to cry multiple times a day about missing her mama (which sounds a lot like me in earlier years, actually).  M is apparently OK with it.  This evening, we walked in the the dance studio already both very excited for M's new ballet class. Her sweet friend spotted us almost immediately and they were both over joyed.  They quickly discovered at least 3 other CT Kindergarteners in the same class.  Everyone is so excited that they will be in school, dance, and Sunday School together.  It sounds like the start of a great friendship.  M was SO excited after dance about the friend and the class. It was awesome.  She is already asking to add the Jazz/Tap class that happens immediately after ballet with the same kids so she can dance longer.  So awesome.  She was singing, dancing, and spouting happiness.

Low - Mr. B, but you guessed, right? He started off school very happy as I noticed and I don't think he's necessarily unhappy yet, just had kind of a tough day.  He told us this evening that he discovered you can be "school sick."  Brent and I were confused, but "school sick" is when you miss your old school (like being homesick).  They did something with a peace sign today and it reminded him of his old school's shirts from last year and he was sad thinking of missing all that.  He did identify that he already has a friend in his class as one girl from his soccer team is in his class too, so that is good, but don't see them being best friends or anything.  He also had to run around the playground and thought he was going to die as his chest was hurting -- had to explain it is likely a combination of not having run much and asthma. Also, we have a letter-writing project that includes M&B each writing at least one letter to be mailed each week.  The recipient varies based on their choice for the week.  This week, B chose his life long buddy P whom he hasn't seen at all in many months.  The letter is so sad as it asks if they can play, but notes they probably won't be able to.  He ran away after handing it to me :(  Also, his Spanish teacher didn't show up today.  Not the end of the world, but she is good at cheering him up.  I think in general he is fine.  It is just, as we anticipated, hard.

And so it goes... many days are more in the middle and probably most of this one was.  It just seemed like the contrast was unusually high. I so hope B finds another wonderful friend at this school as he has at the prior two. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

It is so difficult to be the new kid in class at any age, but third grade, for B is rough. We moved to Okeene when I was entering 4th grade and it was devastating…but I had one friend, Maril (her mother worked for my dad so it may have been forced) and made one more, Virgil, but that was it.
Maybe he'll make some friends at Sunday School. Yes, you can be school sick. I remember feeling that way because my third grade teacher was a big fan of our family and the fourth grade teacher really, really didn't like me for some reason. Sigh. I did a lot of bike riding that year and reading, as I recall. Poor guy. Tell him I know exactly how he feels. Maybe he and Adam could get together more?


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