Friday, September 18, 2015

Five on Friday

1. Everyone's Soap & Lotion - I discovered this while visiting my friend Mary in El Paso and love the scent of the products as well as the general philosophy.  We've started adding them through the house as we run out of things.  The Meyer Lemon hand soap is my favorite. Thanks for introducing me to these, Mary!

2. Ali Edwards December Daily Kits - The December Daily kits for 2015 are in pre-order right now and of course I've purchased mine. I've used her kits for the last two years and they really do have everything I need to do this project successfully and beautifully. I sis the project for probably five years without the kit and this is way better and easier.  (If you don't know about December Daily, read more here and join the fun!)

3.  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes -- Yes, these are WeightWatchers, but do not be detered.  They are delicious, whatever your nutrition goals.

4. Elise Gets Crafty - Elise Blaha is a crafter and small business owner.  She had done a variety of interesting projects in the last two years, from monthly crafty items to purchase made in 29, 229, or 2299 increments, to quilting, motherhood, and traditional scrapbook, and now her "Get to Work Book" which I'll be using to help with my projects at work starting in January. Her podcasts cover a wide variety of topics, but often include, creativity, goal setting, small business operations, building a community, building routines, marketing, and business strategy.  Much of it is aimed at creatives and/or small business owners, but there is a lot that is very useful to individuals. I just enjoyed this podcast on building back a routine, particularly following a changes (ie see my life).  Very good stuff and a lot to think about.

5. Colbert's interview with Joe Biden - Part 1 and Part 2 --- yes, almost 20 minutes of substantive interview in late night!  I am always heart broken for all the loss that Biden and Colbert have suffered in their lives and they talk about that openly here as well as the amazing man that Beau Biden was. (Joe's son who recently died)  Biden also talks about his Catholic faith in a wait that really resonated with my thoughts on the experience as well.  (Salt + Light's interview with Colbert about the show, his faith, and Catholicism is pretty interesting as well). 

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