Tuesday, December 8, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 6

(If you missed Day 5, you can find it here. I am posting a few days quickly tonight as I catch up and am sure you don't want to miss any of them!)

Day 6 was SO much fun.  We slept in after a late night and enjoyed a leisurely morning with the Wainrights before they headed back to Tulsa.

The most exciting thing about Day 6 was solving our Christmas Tree crisis from Day 4. We loaded up the family and headed to North Pole City, which is a local store that is full to the brimming with everything Christmas.  It is intense and awesome. I think M and I could have stayed for hours.

Before the Christmas tree pictures there is a cool transparency, which worked surprisingly well over the page beneath.  Hooray for happy accidents!
Then, I added four photos of us decorating the 9 ft. tree.  It was E's turn to add the star on top, which is exceedingly more tricky now with a taller tree, but we persevered and he was one very brave little elf.  I did a lot more watching than decorating this year and loved every moment of it.

We also spent a portion of the day hanging lights all over the outside gardens.  The kids love colorful lights and I love white lights so we compromised and have about 1/2 of each.  Also, my dream of a Christmas tree in the front window came true thanks to borrowing a tree from my life long best friend Tracie.  BFFs always manage to come through in the most surprising ways.  Thanks Tracie!

I had to end the day with one big photo of the fully decorated tree.  Love, love, every bit of it. 

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