Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WITL 2016: Wednesday

I just irrationally love this photo.  It is very M right now.  Off we go on the wild ride that is Wednesday!
Wednesdays are complicated.  Or maybe they are just a really efficient use of time/scheduling as we all try to do things at the same time.  Mornings are less complicated so let's start there.
From left above:
  • All morning departures for all family members must include hugs.  So today we developed the hug selfie.  The bonus is I got extra long hugs today :)
  • Before the hugging there was some video time - this may only occur when the child is completely ready and typically wins me 5ish minutes to put on makeup and make coffee... E almost never is ready more than 10 min early. 
  • All the kids eating breakfast together.  Hooray!
  • E has such good pick-up pictures I have to use them.  Here he is walking along the wall he walks every day and abandoned his random poses for a moment. Love it.
  • My mom lobbied the legislature today and then brought my sister and I surprise lunch, which was a great break in the work day.  Usually I have a big meeting on Wednesdays just after this, but my boss is on vacation so smaller meetings today.
  • After school, E and I went to CVC to pick up Fluoride (because randomly the water here is not fluorinated and kids teeth need fluoride... coming from someone whose water did not have it as a kid).  While he was perusing the toy cars and I was searching out kid allergy medicine we were separated and briefly couldn't find each other.  That adrenaline rush resulted in him convincing me to buy all the kids lollipops just like the ones people used to sell when I was in elementary school. 

 At home, we had the daily kid debrief and lollipops.  Then:

  • B did his Spanish homework last minute before his lessons. (Which happen while M is at dance).   During the lessons, Brent cleans and hangs out with E. 
  • M and I got ready for phase 2 of the day. She had ballet/jazz class for 1.5 hours. I ran for an hour (around 4 miles.. slow, but I ran and that is big at the moment).  
  • While we were gone, Brent made dinner as he typically does on Wednesdays.  Today, was Shrimp with Peruvian Chili Lime seasoning, whole wheat noodles, and avocado.
  • The boys ate it all up and got to make and enjoy chocolate pudding.
  • M ate almost nothing so she took a bath and read with me instead (not sure how the reading photo is missing - we read Aqualicious, Bread and Jam for Frances and the Tea for Queen Bee book).
  • Brent returned to work for dorm night (all the teachers go once a week to help tutor their subjects during study hour).  He left after E's bath so no Harry Potter tonight.  Instead, B read E the Ninjago rise of the Serpentine book..... Brent and I are both pretty sick of reading Ninjago books at the moment so this was nice and allowed me to listen to M read for longer.
  • Kids went to bed and I did watched some gymnastics, showered, and blogged before Brent came home with a hillarious gift from one of his students.  Just so random. And now time for bed.

Wednesdays go pretty well at this point, but there is a lot going on.  Not pictured - M's Ocean Day celebration in Kindergarten, more stuff coming home from school.  Any of Brent or my work day.  B & E playing in the front yard, chores, dorm night, etc...This will be our last Wednesday like this before schedules shift, but glad to capture the fun. 

Gratitude - For busy full lives and our kids getting to try out and enjoy things like dance and Spanish early on.  I'm also thankful for how well Brent and I work together to make the logistics work for all of us.  

Overheard - We had ice cream with swedish fish today, which I brought.  It was delicious. And we had hot dog octopuses, star fish sandwiches, goldfish, and capri sun.  It was a picnic!  We made cool ocean crafts in the morning. I want to have an Ocean birthday party at the pool.  I know just what to do - M (In fairness, M has millions of birthday ideas and changes her mind frequently, but Ocean Day sounds like fun).

Observation - I've been giving the kids harder chores this week than usual and am not getting much complaining.  Such a bonus.  M is whining a lot bout things like eating her food or doing basic stuff like putting on her shoes. One tough thing about Wednesdays is not getting to see Brent very much, but it is definitely downhill to the weekend from here!

Notes - I am not sure why this project is so daunting, but it really is.  A week seems like a long time for all of this, but each day is really different and really different that it was a year or two ago so I'll keep going.  I haven't done as well with the journaling pages today, so I'm doing that next!

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