Wednesday, June 15, 2016

E's 4th Birthday!

My numerous camera, technology, and schedule issue are cutting in to blogging, but here's a photo heavy look at E's birthday party.  We began by opening presents outside the gates of the zoo while he waited for friends to arrive.  Presents first was awesome as was giving people their favors early in the party to be played with during the party.  Everyone is happy and I magically ordered the perfect number of stuffies for the child attendees while simultaneously having no idea who was coming. Hooray!
 Look who joined us!  The Jones boys! I think this may have been the first time that every one of E's cousins was in attendance at his party.  SO exciting.
 There was a scavenger hunt which B, not surprisingly, took the most seriously.  Here he is acting like an animal.
 M photobombed a lot of pictures.  Here they are posing with her favorite animal/a creature with feathers. (For the scavenger hunt, of course)
 I looked like it might be a second trip to the OKC Zoo without seeing Rhinos (which is unheard of as they are front and center) but they appear fully covered in mud near the end of our visit. (PS photos are clearly not in order hmmmm)
 This was Grayson's very first zoo trip and he loved it. His shirt was super popular too.  I loved watching him sprint all over on tiny short lets.
 The weather was stunningly lovely so the lion statue was perfectly cool for climbing and I have a variety of versions of this shot.  Kids here are mine, Vos, Millers, and Jonses.  (Yes, TWO families came from TX to this party!)
 More photobombing by M as B captures an animal with a shell for the scavenger hunt. Too cute to not include and B was surprisingly tolerate of all this.
 E & Aunt Jamie closer to the end when he was tired.... Thanks to Donovan for lending us this shirt and a shell for the day!  We missed having the Wainrights around, but they somehow still managed to help out!
The day before had been our anniversary party and the first swim team meet. I was so so close to not decorating the cake/cupcakes, but am glad I did.  Sadly, this is about the best photo of them, but they were very popular!

 Panorama as we sang happy birthday.
 Only one of E's school friends could come, but he was a super fun friend to have a long and they had such an awesome time together!
 Aunt Audra and E's best buddy Ro were there too, of course.
 So many adorable kids!
 E may have been "persuaded" in to this hug, but I think he liked it :)
 E & his new buddy wise.  Love his face.
 The bison!  Now the Oklahoma Trails connects to the giraffe area by walking by the edge of the Bison exhibit.  SO much more convenient!  After we finished that loop we made our way slowly out of the zoo and off to get pizza with the Korenaks.
 Brent and I were tired, but the kids were not so we began present opening again at home. LEGOs, Magformers, book, and a puzzle to add to all the presents from the party.

 He adores the elbow and knee pads and hand guards the Millers bought him, possibly more than the scooter itself! He wears the gloves A LOT.
Brent and I tried to slow the kids down, but by 3:30 or so we were out again and on our way to the neighborhood pool.  Both of my siblings and their families met us for an hour or so of pool time before heading back to our house for left overs, more fun with new toys, and finally Tony watching for Mom and me. (Spoiler alert, Hamilton won 11!)  It was a crazy busy day in a silly busy weekend, but so lovely.  The zoo party was really awesome.  Perfect weather, a great group of people, very simple, and a very happy small boy.  Happy birthday E, we love you so very much!

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