Friday, June 17, 2016

Swimming through June 2016

Every June we double down on swim lessons.  We sometimes take them at other times of the year, but in June, we focus.  This year, that process is much better due to the existence of a neighborhood swim team.  M & B have team practice 4 days a week for nearly an hour.  Then there are weekly swim meets.  It is awesome and they are improving SO much it is incredible.  E is taking swim lessons once a week at the Y and it is a disaster.  Last year his lessons were also pretty much a disaster.  That said, the older kids used to be much the same in the early years and love it now so we shall be patient.

 First day of swim team - we begin with basics. For M, basics begin with how to put on goggles :)
 So kids 5 and up are in various levels of team/lessons.  Kids younger than that and parents or baby sitters sit around and watch.  Kids older than 10 swim earlier in the morning.  The team has about 40ish people and is awesome.  GO Swordfish!
 E rather likes watching swim lessons.  This particular day he was wearing his robe, PJ top, and tshirt -- it was probably 80 degrees... I have no idea, but wasn't fighting that particular battle.
 On the third day of swim team, we also went swimming at Great Grandpa's cabin with our cousins and Grandma.  Which included diving lessons and lots of fun.
 Then we went swimming a third time at the pool on our way home when we stopped to pick up our OTP swim bracelets (long story).
 The next day was E's first lesson and it began so well.  This has been the only happy moment for E... and his parents, but it was adorable?
 In addition to lessons, we go swimming at the pool probably at least 4 days a week.  We usually stay just over an hour.  They love it and seem never to tire of going.
 B apparently does not have a lot of plans to wear non-swimwear this summer. He puts it on first ting for swim team and rarely takes it off before his bath.  He requested, nay, urgently begged for his first speedo for the swim meet.  Brent and I stiffled our laughter and bought him long, sort of tight racing shorts.  He loves it? Who  would have guessed.
 We often mistime our visits to coincide with the start of the hourly safety break so there is some sitting around.
 Why yes, there are swim team shirts!  M had horse camp last week and thus was not competing in the swim meet as she had not practiced (and admittedly is probably still not "race ready").  She SO wanted to be in the water, but looked great on the sidelines and kept me informed about what was going on while I worked in the concession stand for the meet.

 The day of the first meet, we left the house about 7:10 to make it to the pool for the 7:20ish team meet and warm up.
 B competed in freestyle and back stroke.  He won his back stroke heat, but fared less well in freestyle.  Brent sadly missed the first two races taking E to his "lesson."
He seemed to enjoy racing and was not nearly as nervous as I would have guessed.  So grown up all of a sudden.  He is a very confident swimmer now and his kick is probably better than mine already!  (I did beat him in a short race Wednesday, but who knows if I will for much longer....)
Luckily, to everyone's surprise, B swam in a freestyle relay at the end.  His relay team finished second and he got his very first swimming ribbon.  The swim meet lasted about 3.5 hours from warm up to completion.  There are four more this season.  Two of them are at our neighborhood pool and two are not.  The final meet is at the Y for the city championships.

Right now swimming both with the team and for fun in the afternoons is super popular.  We'll see if it continues into the hotter part of the summer, but right now it is great fun.  I am so glad they get to try this all out, make new friends, build a skill, and have fun together.

(Ps - M would like to add that their team swimming suits arrived today so now they are set for the next competition.  B's team speedo is substantially tighter than the one we purchased.  He still loves it.  )

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