Friday, December 2, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Day 1

Welcome to the 8th year of Richards Family December Daily! I continue to join Ali Edwards in her annual celebration and documentation of December and all the Christmas goodness.  If you are new to the concept you can read more here.

 Most years, I do a "foundations" blog first showing the set up, but this year we're just diving in to Day 1.  That is only somewhat because I haven't completed the "intentions" page that I usually lead off with.  Suffice it to say, there will be some prettiness, a page explaining why I am doing this, and then a copy of our Christmas card right before you come to this page.  This page is part of the intro, and include photos of each of us from our fall photo shoot with Heather Warren and some see-through pockets --- I still love see through pockets.  Most of the goodies are from Ali Edwards' December Daily kits (this year or prior years) but there are a few other tidbits in my book this year, including items from this year's Freckled Fawn kit. 
 The back side of the page is the first half of day 1 - The photos are mostly from Advent calendar opening, but the one in the upper right is from a trip to the candy store with E.  This candy store mysteriously didn't really have any candy canes?? Weird. We did manage to find some other candy, but he mostly wanted bouncy balls.... we got a couple of those too. In the picture of Brent & E - Brent is helping build the tiny LEGO ship from the first day of E's Advent calendar---let's be honest that calendar is pretty much as much for Brent as it is for E, but it was E's choice this year.  The big kids are having Advent calendar's filled by me, which means a mix of small toys and candy mostly.

These are the two pages of Day 1 together - It might not of needed two pages, but the more the merrier and the transition from the intro pages worked out this way. 

 My stitch fix box arrived and while I tried on clothes M and E took a bunch of videos bouncing on my bed.  They had a fabulous time.  The clothes are for various Christmas things too and I ended up keeping all of them, which never happens but is a big victory.  The journaling details all these adventures (Advent calendars, candy shopping, clothes shopping, and video fun).  Below is a small sample of the videos--- beware it is a little wild from our 7 yo, but give a flavor of what they were up to.

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