Saturday, December 3, 2016

December Daily - Day 2

Day 2 - This is possibly the earliest we have ever put our tree up.  I am kind of surprised it actually happened, but after the problems with the tree last year it was a happy surprise to have everything actually work. It does take quite awhile, but was great fun. 

So one problem with the taller tree is that it is tricky to maintain the tradition of the kids rotating years putting the star on top.  B agreed to put the top on the final segment before Brent put it on the rest of the tree.  He did insist that they at least pretend he was reaching up to the top.  He is a fun guy!

The kids had been waiting very impatiently for two hours for Brent to get home from work with pizza.  They could barely contain themselves. The bigger kids stuck with the tree decorating almost all the way to the end.  We did have to do a little bit of reorganizing, but it is a delightfully chaotic tree filled with lots of ornaments the kids have made and lots of Christmas Tea ornaments too.  We still have quite a lot of other decorations to put up so the house decorating will continue for a couple more days, I think.

Day 2 video - The Hamilton MixTape also dropped today and was also big news here.  M, however, is a little bit of a purist and wanted the original for her dance session while we waited for Brent to come home for tree decorating.

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