Monday, December 5, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Day 3

 Day 3 - So the thing with December Daily is you are "supposed" to just pick one story each day.  Some days I am very good at this and it is helpful, but weekends, in particular, it falls apart.  As with most things, I'm taking what works for me and letting the rest go.... Above on the left is a full page from one of the earlier kits (on the revers of that page is a full page of photos of us decorating the tree).  I didn't want a full page today so I broke them up and added this cute insert.  Yes, I even made it a pocket using my fuse tool. Go me. The photo at the top is the boys enjoying treats at Elemental.  That ginger cardamom cream pie is SO good.  That cork three is pretty cool too :)
 On the back, I added a journaling page from last year's December Daily note taking pad.

 In flipping through last year's book, I noticed that it is the perfect size for days like this when I have a lot to say and need a bit more room.  I like mixing in smaller pages like this.

The facing page includes three more photos of scenes from our day. Brent and his Dad spent all day Saturday going to and from the OU/OSU football game and enjoying the game itself in the cold rain.  The only photo I have of that is his Dad walking in the door afterwards, so in it goes!  Also pictured, M with her Girl Scout Troop learning about the Symbols of Christmas (Thanks to Kate for this photo).  The final photo is M playing with her dolls at the base of the Christmas tree.  M and I spend as much time as possible near the tree so the two of us hung out here much of the day between shopping, activities, and other adventures.

Not pictured - a big trip to Savory Spice Shop (my brother and Mom's store in OKC) for nearly 20 teacher and helper gifts! It was a big fun day!

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