Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Days 4 & 5

 Day 3 ended with page, but the top see-through pocket looks a little different as a star and heart now show through.  It leads us to ---

Day 4! Ro & E had the good fortune to happen on to Santa in the commons after Mass.  The line was short to none and there were plenty of opportunities to say high, compare fashion, and talk to Santa about Christmas.  (We rarely take our kids to see Santa so this was a bonus surprise!)  The other photo is of our nephew Zane (Ro's big brother).  Zane was having a tough day at church and needed extra snuggles.  The photo here is taken by M when Zane came over to play for Sunday Supper. The journaling is right on the back of the big circle from the prior day---trying to keep things simple, at least until this next one.

I really needed this cute picture of Ro & E in the album.  Getting it there took some work. I cut it to an odd size thinking I would just punch holes in it, but then E was too close to the edge and punched items really don't turn as well in the book and it is early in the month for that.  So, I used my fuse to make it a custom pocket, but then... instead of cutting off the excess, I made a little decorative pocket for some star confetti and word art. I seal the top up, tied it up with a bow, and then stamped a little (and it suddenly was a lot later, but a lot cuter).  I love it. Oh, and I added that little tab on the outside to!

So here is what day 4 looks like all together with just a hint of Day 5 --- I was a little behind, which actually was nice as I could plan the two days together. 

The story for Day 5 was my Aunt and cousin coming to visit and staying the night with us before a farewell breakfast in the morning.  (The actually had been at the Sunday Supper the night before, but only so many stories fit per day).  The photo is of us at breakfast and the tree, well, it needed to be in the book.  The journaling card was one of my favorites from the kit.  I added a stamp... and then got stampy fingure prints all over so added some glittering stickers. 

(Side Note:  This whole thing reminded me of my dad as the daily scrapbooking was supposed to be short and simple, but I definitely started "swirling" as I added more techniques, couldn't find supplies, and made things I could find work.  For example, I couldn't find my stamp blocks so all the stamping is done with the cling stamps on an acrylic ruler.... which resulted in some smudges that then require covering up with other things, etc ... but I digress).

 The back of the cute photo from Day 4 is just the decorative tag for the day.  I think it worked out OK, but may need a few little touches yet. One of the great things about doing this for several years is that I have quite a collection of partial number sets that can be mixed in as I only use a few numbers from each set per year rather than using the same numbers every day. I think this 5 is from last year, actually.
This is the final spread for Day 5 with quite a bit of Day 4 showing through. I like it when the pages work together and you can see hints of other days as you flip through.

M and I flipped through several years of December Daily over the weekend and it was great fun.  I love this project and, honestly, sometimes the days when I don't keep it simple are even more fun :)

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