Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Daily 2016 - Days 6 & 7

 Day 6 - I am kind of enjoying doing two days at a time so I had waited until the 7th to work on this page.  Then-- the pictures had completely disappeared {gasp!}  I had saved that cute one on the lower right to my phone also, but the ones Brent took at the program were gone.  This is worrisome in December with so many fun things ahead. I was sad about the missing ones, but, more than that, I really didn't want to lose more photos. I am super proud of myself for finding and successfully using a file recovery tool to get them all back! Hooray!  I am not sure what caused the problem though so we ordered a new SD card as this one is pretty agey.

Back to the story though---
 E's school Christmas Sing was the 6th.  We had asked him repeatedly what he was singing and he kept just saying (and singing to us) "O Come Little Children." We were confused, but apparently he was quite right.  They kept the program short with each class singing only one song.  The audience sang Christmas carols as the classes rotated on and off the alter.  It was awesome and short!  The less good news is we were on the opposite side of the church and could barely see him. Brent got this group photo by running around to the other side.  I may be persuaded to buy the video I hear they are selling soon--- you know, because we like to support the music department!

 So that first page was really enough to tell the story. I decided to add a second for a couple reasons - 1) the photos are now a little irrationally precious and I needed to include them both. 2) I wanted to capture how awesome it is that our kids get so much time with their grandparents.  Almost every day of December thus far they have spent some time with one or all of their surviving grandparents.  That is so cool.  3) What is with this pose? It is all of his making and he held it a long time, but it feels like it is from another era and maybe a catalog.  (PS, that star on his sleeve is actually a random piece of confetti that I didn't notice had slipped in until after I photographed the pages.  It is festive, right?)
 Day 7 - Yes, E again--- we do have other children and I'm sure they will show up soon.  Today was the last day of Christmas card production.  It is a bit of a process to create, assembly, and post 115 cards.  Only about half of them went in the mail box, a big bunch get sent to DC with cookies next week, the rest are for neighbors, teachers, etc... E was my most enthusiastic helper and wanted to do everything.  So, if you get a card and the return address label or stamp are sort of weird or the back flap is strangely adhered, that is just E's Christmas magic for you.

(Side note - E had a rough day at school today and was sent to time out 2x for punching his best friend. This made for sad boy and grumpy parents.  I was glad we found his smile before the day ended and he promises his light will be shining today. )

So, here we are... ready for day 8, which I think will be all about Christmas books we love, but sometimes the day surprises us!

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