Monday, December 7, 2009

A few of our favorite things: Richards Menfolk

Ok, here's the post from the guys' perspective. I admit, I'm a bit less sure about these...


Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles -- Currently, we're favoring this one - Melissa & Doug Beep Beep 24-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle*

Dinosaurs - these were mostly gifts from Aunt Laurie, and are joining our existing T-Rex in dinosaur fun.

Advent Calendar - He remembers every morning and we rush in to check it out. Today, was a candy day. Great to wake up with chocolate!

"Reading" books to us- I love this phenomenon. He can read Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? pretty much perfectly. Oh, and he must have exactly four books before bed.

Pajamas! - The kid LOVES pjs. He wears them pretty much all the time when we are home. His favorites include Spiderman, Lion/Zoo themed, Denver Nuggets (thanks Uncle Able) and Buzz Light Year. He usually changes in and out of multiple ones a day.

Big Boy Underwear
- He literally struggles hard to make up his mind which ones to wear and likes to change randomly during the day even though there is no need. We're working on trying to get him to commit to one pair a day. His favorites include pretty much anything related to a Pixar movie and, of course, Spiderman. No, he has never seen Spiderman that I know of nor has he seen all of toy story.... but they are fun characters on their own, right?

Robots! - As you saw at Halloween, he LOVES robots. I have no clue where this came from and it isn't a particular robot. We're continuing to search for Christmas robot presents and appreciate any suggestions.

Generally: puzzles, books, and small figures. He is mostly focused on robots, dinosaurs, and construction vehicles in all these categories.


Star Wars Legos - We haven't bought any in awhile, but this massive piece - Lego Star Wars Death Star II - remains under construction on his desk. (Brendan is DYING to touch it). It was a very generous gift many Christmases ago.

Google Reader - You think I read a lot of blogs --- My list pales in comparison. It is hard to pin down his favorites, but I'm sure GeekDad is in there.

Wii - He doesn't play much by himself anymore, but I think is getting a big kick out of playing with Brendan even when B doesn't "play" exactly.

How the Mind Works - This book was definitely his favorite book this fall. He so enjoyed it and found out so many wonderful things. I love that Brent reads serious books for fun. - We canceled our cable back in July as we were never watching it. For the moment, Hulu is his way to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Lost for free on his own schedule.

Coffee- Loves coffee, all kinds from fancy to the office stuff. We've fallen into weekly trips to Starbucks. It probably isn't very economical, but is something that I know he really enjoys it.

Generally - blogs/websites about science, technology, dads, sooner sports, and comics about the same, lego sets, playing with our kids, sci fi and lots of coffee!

That wraps up our general favorites. See anything you like? Know us a little better? I think this will be fun to look back on in a few years as these change so quickly.

* Yes, as usual links are affiliate links.

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