Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 WITL - Thursday

 7:14am - already through breakfast on and on to doing chores.  We do dishes... constantly.
 7:26am - B is riding all around the house on this scooter car.  E is chasing him with a nerf gun. It is Mass day at E's school thus the different uniform.
7:33 - Brent do a little reading before taking E to school 
8:03.  Me, my coffee, dress and flip flops enjoying the morning (and my instagram feed) before walking the kids to the bus stop. 
8:08 - waiting for the bus. 
8:17am - Everyone else is gone to school or work.  On my way back inside, I notice that we have strawberries.  I eat a few during the course of the day.  I love our little strawberry patch!
9:25am - Listening to the Gymcastic podcast recap OU's Women's Gymnastics National Championships while I work.  The weather is a little gloomy today. 
3:18pm - picking E up from school.  We take holding hands very seriously.

3:42pm - Today, we stopped at the Edmond Library on our way home to pick up some books B had on hold.  We found a few horse books for M and a variety of animal books for E too!

 4:07 - We and the kids are all home and M has jumped right in to the horse books.
 4:22 - E has decided to bring a rainbow of his own design to show and share tomorrow for show and share.

 4:37pm - We began to disassemble the Eater goodies.  Most of the eggs were packed away and lots of candy moved to a community candy bowl.  I'm very proud to report I ate only one jelly bean in the process.
 5:07pm - E finished coloring this masterpiece for the fun run. I think we were supposed to hand it in a week ago, but better late than never, maybe?
Meanwhile, M is using some of the remaining paints for her own designs. 
7:33pm - We managed to eat before swim/gym time.  Swim practice was apparently hard, but my workout went strangely well! We are headed back home for books and bed. 

7:51pm - Brent is reading M her new, very detailed book about horses that she got for Easter. The photos are beautiful. 

 8:06pm - Still slightly late to bed, but we're getting closer.
 B working through his night time medication ritual.
 M ready to go, but still with a little attitude.  Everyone is in bed and has had a multitude of hugs and kisses. As I walk out M's door she tells me they bought me flowers at the grocery store while we were at the gym. I totally hadn't even seen them yet.

They are lovely.  I love random surprise flowers.  I have my sixth meal of the day, shower, and read more of "A Wise Man's Fear" (so good). Brent plays games for awhile and we lose track of time (see really good book).  We make it to sleep before the storms are really under way, but they will make for a less restful night and a weird day be continued. 

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Gavin said...

Once you go Rothfuss, you never go back.


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