Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Part VII - A relaxed weekend wrap-up

This is the last of the holiday series -- Just so you know all Seven parts were written the day before I started studying (other than the Love Thursday post) so yes I really have been "away" during this time, but wanted to break up the story into manageable bits. I hope it was fun for you. I think it is something I'll be glad to have in years to come. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement!

After all the busy times of the last week or so we took Saturday to ourselves. We lounged around. Cleaned a little, napped, Brent got a hair cut, normal weekend things. It was a gorgeous and surprisingly warm day so we headed to the play ground near lake Hefner and the Hoppers joined us for some outdoor little boy fun. We had been once before on a weekday and I was surprised how many people were there, but I suppose warm wonderful days are in short supply in January.

The boys had a great time. They have slightly different personalities in public. B watches more and is a bit more hesitant (and younger). Nate is more outgoing and talks to whomever happens by. They don't always play "together" but do seek each other out periodically and are very cute together. All was going well, but B suffered a bit of a swing accident. He was using a big kid swing and apparently forgot to hang on to the chains as he crashed to the ground. He was fine and more scared than anything, but a rough moment. They played outside under supervision of a couple of us at a time while the other parents worked on a plan for Sunday as I had decided we really should to meet Serenity and see Chrissie and Eric in Tulsa.

With the plan set (more or less) we headed out around 9:30ish the next morning. We met up with the Hoppers in Stroud and easily found Chrissie's dad's house in Tulsa. It was so neat to see all the kids together!! I loved meeting Serenity and got to hold her and watch her play off and on during our visit. We took some adorable pictures of the two little girls who are only a week apart. They are quite different, but as with all kids have their own strong suits. I think Eric liked playing with the boys too and all the guys braved a very cold January day (yes just one day after the unseasonably warm one).

We stayed a few hours until the boys badly needed naps and then headed home. It was a great way to enjoy my last pre-study day. I think if I would have stayed home I would just have been morose pondering what was to come, but instead had a great day with my little family and some wonderful friends. Thanks to everyone and especially to Chrissie's dad for hosting our boisterous crew on short notice! I hope we're all able to see each other again soon, but not knowing when it will be definitely encourages us to savor simple afternoons like this one.

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DebB said...

I am so glad you all got to visit with C. and E. and, most of all, to get to hold and love on little Serenity. Good times.


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