Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 15: Glad Tidings & Great Joy

Maggie is such a happy lady. As I looked through pictures this week her joy in life just radiates off of the pages. She is into and happy about everything (so long as she gets her milk milk--- current favorite phrase). She is oddly into shoes (shuuz) as well. She brought me every pair of her shoes she could located and we quickly determined that almost none of them fit so headed off on a Mommy & Maggie shoe shopping adventure. She got these sweet little Mary Janes to wear at Christmas and Santa might be bringing her some kicks too.

I love that she's into girly things like this. Another example is that after getting dressed in the morning, she will routinely pat her head or point at her bow keeper and say "bow" as the outfit just isn't complete without a bow. Her hair gets redone many times a day as it is routinely pulled out of the bows or bands, but I admit it is pretty fun. This week her hair has been filled with static electricity so lots of hair on end moments. I love that it is now a thick, golden blond like my own was at her age.

My favorite part of the season with Maggie so far is her enthusiasm at all the experiences and particularly the decorations. She pays careful attention to her surroundings and if she wakes up to a new decoration in the house she quickly finds it, points and says "pretty" with her big dimply smile. Often she coaxes Daddy into lifting her up to examine it more closely. This included the discovery of the train ornament on our tree that was on my parents' tree for years. She loves it and gets to check on it often --pointing and saying "choo choo". I think this raw joy and appreciation for little pretties in our day has greatly increased my own enjoyment as well and of course it is always nice to have such an appreciative audience. Thank you baby Lady for the beauty, excitement, girliness, joy, babble and wonder you add to the season!
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

What a happy little lady. I love her confident walk now and her ever growing command of the language. Good post!


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