Friday, August 19, 2011

Stormy Day?

Yesterday, I was decidedly having one of those days.  You know, the ones where everything takes a bit longer than you planned and has a dozen more complications?  The bright spot in that chaos was these two guys: B and our new family member: Stormy.  Stormy, however, comes with some humor.

Our story begins at Build-a-Bear, where we joined Jessie and Allie to make new little furry friends thanks, in part, to gift cards that Candace gave each girl for her birthday.  Very sweet gift.

 The bear and rabbit had been selected and dressed, after many attempts at trying to find appropriate shoes for our bunny friend.  I was trying frantically to get both kids their Build-a-Bears without loosing either or my sanity and was a bit rushed in helping them pick names.  To me, at first glance, this outfit was that of a "storm" trooper so I suggested maybe "Stormy" would be a good name. 

Shortly thereafter, it was pointed out to me by both Brent and B that Stormy is, in fact, a Clone Trooper, NOT a Storm Trooper, which I should have been able to tell by the split helmet.  Brent is thinking of sending me to Erik for remedial Star Wars training because, everyone knows this, and Erik could probably write me an annotated paper on the subject. Ooops?

Meanwhile,  Stormy remains the bear's name and he and B are fast friends.  While I was working yesterday, B would pop in and tell me things like Stormy needs milk or Stormy is in time out for calling me a name.  Stormy also needs lots of rest and likes to watch B play video games.  I am fascinated to see what else happens with Stormy, but as he is now off to watch the stars at the farm with Grandma B, I will have to wait a day or two to share more of his adventures.  I, meanwhile, am off to CKC Tulsa with some of my girlfriends and hope you are all having a lovely Friday!

PS -- No, I am not creative with names.  M's bunny has daisies all over her and a Tinkerbell outfit.  My suggestions were Tink or Daisy-- M chose Daisy.  It is sort of fitting as I believe Marguerite is a french for daisy too!
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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I tried to call her Daisy and B informed me, more than once, that her name is Maley. I asked if either he or Maggie know anyone named Maley and he said no, but he thinks that is her name today. Oh well.


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