Saturday, August 30, 2014

E: Right Now

The fascination with Thomas boots is not new.  His crazy love of wearing his monkey costume from last Halloween is new.
It is also new of late that we're spending a lot more time playing in E's room these days.  We mostly play with his little people zoo, farm, airplane, and related pieces.
I love that he ask to go "play farm." I love that he and I spend a lot of extra time in here just playing with plastic animals.  Often M joins us too, but not always.  He also SO loves to bounce, do somersaults, and play in his bed.  Loves it.  He also loves putting all of his lizards and other plastic animals in and then dropping them out.  He spends a lot of time looking for things (Mario, Mickey, his blanket, etc...) and is crazy excited when he finds them.  This is often accompanied by "wee hooo."  I love his enthusiasm. 

This yellow toy that Grandma B bought B nearly 7 years ago is also again very popular.  He also randomly took these little george monkeys all over this week.  There was sobbing when I didn't let him bring them in to school.
E has rediscovered these stacking boxes Grammie & Granddaddy bought him last Christmas.  There is a lot of tower building and knocking down these days.

I am attempting to include a few videos from his room this week.  My apologies if they don't work or if they are sideways.

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