Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  You may recall Ms. M has had a very hard time settling on what sort of extra curricular activity she wanted to try for the fall.  One day this weekend she said she wanted french lessons and we immediately emailed her best buddy Kyle's mom and set them up.  She was so excited this morning that she could barely stand the wait.  She colored this picture for Ms. Elke for her first day of class.  It was just the two of them (which I would never have done if Elke wasn't a friend of ours).  I am told it went well and they worked on colors.  The result is that everyone is learning more french.  When I know a phrase in both languages I say it in both (well, often at least).  I ask them how they are in French in the morning and M and I identify what color things are in French too.  That said, she sometimes disagrees with me and we have to resort to google.  Oh, and mom, remember how they keep making us learn the word for shark in duolingo... that came up today.  Crazy. 
 2.  I did get to have dinner with Able and Kari during the soft opening of the new Tuckers near my house.  It was SO good.  I love the burgers, but it is really the shakes that are just essentially phenomenal.  Having it nearby is going to be way too tempting.

3.  Our Labor Day weekend plan was, as it is most years, to go to Dallas to visit Brent's sister and her family.  This year was to be special as we were going to meet Grayson, our newest nephew.  Sadly, Jamie was too sick for it to be a good idea for us to visit.  So we reworked our weekend and had lots of fun, but really missed this guy.  Brent went to the football game Saturday evening with his Dad so he did get a bit of family time as well as some OU time :)

 4.  Then the Palfreymans invited us to a small end of summer fun afternoon.  We played at the splash pad, watched Lady and the Tramp, had dinner together, and then celebrated/mourned as they announced they are moving to Florida.... I am not good at change, but you knew that.

 5.  We're trying to experiment more with Lady M's hair this week. We haven't tried anything crazy, but are trying to have more fun with it than just her usual headbands.  This braid was very fun and she added lots of bows so it would be extra fancy.  She then informed me that my attire was not fancy enough for the farmer's market so I put on a dress too and braided my hair.  She provided a bow for my braid as well that was happily a bit more subtle than hers.

 6.  Lady M has been in crafting mode. I love how she dives right in to whatever supplies are around and makes something beautiful and happy. We had a great time crafting together and I love to see what she creates.

7.  Able & Kari gave us the treat of a date night while they watched our kids. Friday evening's adventure was the OU Women's Gymnastics 2014 National Championship Banquet.  There was good food and lots of fun things for a gymnastics nerd like me. I think Brent has slightly less fun, but was an excellent sport and asked good questions.  He was maybe a little surprised at the random stuff I knew.  We sat just next to Jake and Kyla Dalton which was kinda neat.  (Yes, for those keeping track Brent went to Norman three days in a row, and again twice today.  He is a bit tired of that drive). 

8.  We needed a small, but necessary project for a very lazy Monday.  The easiest on the list was switching E in to a "bigger boy" bed by taking off the front of the crib.  There is actually a small rail along most of the side, but this photo was mid construction.  I was pretty sad to let go this last baby phase, but E loves it.  Recently, he has been attempting to climb out when we're playing so it seemed like it was time before our little tumbler hurt himself.  Have I mentioned he spends large portions of the day doing somersaults and being upside down on the couch?  I have? OK, but seriously, it is a big portion of his life right now. 
9.  Not quite as much about B this week, it seems.  He got 100% on his first spelling test. (Yes, I've already scrapbooked it).  He is still loving baseball and practicing most days.  He is nervous about the team's first game on Thursday, which is apparently against a talented opponent (team got maybe 2nd in the spring season?)  We got the season schedule today and it is going to be crazy.  There are games two nights a week most weeks and often not starting until 7 or later.  The better news is that the season ends by Oct. 14.  Overall, there are about the same number of games as in soccer season, just crammed in to a shorter span. All this is good and bad and we'll just see.  I'll be gone for a few of the games, which is sad.  We are all excited for it to just start! (He has been practicing 3+ hours with his team a week for a couple weeks).

10.  Exercising still happens every day.  Most days I still don't want to.  I'm not really sure it makes much of a difference, but sometimes I think it does.  It is nice that even though I'm running less I'm usually able to run more easily due to all the cross-training (or so I'm telling myself).  I continue to mix up the rotation a lot to keep things interesting.  Most weeks include 2 yoga sessions, 2 runs, 2 strength days ( abs, arms, and feet work).  The seventh day varies.  Today it was a zumba video, but sometimes it is Tae Bo, stationary bike or something else.  If I miss a running day I add another cardio day, etc.  I try to keep the cardio days around 3 per week.  I am still shooting for 10K steps a day too and most days I make it, but wasn't quite as successful over the holiday weekend.

The coming week includes: B's first baseball game, M's 2nd French lesson, Baseball practice, Sunday School & Church, Zach's Birthday party at our house, a visit from Grandma, school, and probably lots of other fun stuff!

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