Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  While M and I were enjoying Kari's shower on Saturday, the boys went baseball helmet shopping.  This is E wearing the helmet eventually purchased for B.  He is rocking it, right?

 2.  B is actually choosing to practice baseball a lot more at home.  Today and yesterday he has chosen it over video games, which is a big deal.  I'm glad he's enthusiastic about it still and I think all the males in our family are having fun playing with him.  Tonight, Granddaddy played with him for quite awhile while we were at Parent-Teacher night.  Kind of wish it wasn't quite so hot for all this fun.
 3.  As the shower wound down, Lady M created a zoo in the living room.  There was a wide variety of animals and she very much enjoyed giving tours. (The zoo has been retired as a consequence for some poor choices, but I assume it will return at some point).

4.  M is VERY in to playing "Fireside Girls" these days.  This is actually from Phinneas & Ferb--- sort of like a smash up of campfire girls and girl scouts.  Yesterday, she awarded Grandma and I a number of badges.  We had to complete activities like the Cha Cha slide, finding a lizard in E's room and putting it to sleep, etc... Sadly, I don't think she can join actual Campfire Girls (or an equivalent organization) until she is in Kindergarten.
5.  The garden is starting to wind down as the heat cranks up-- but look, there are maybe 10 baby okra on there somewhere.  We also have three eggplants, a butternut squash and a number of tomatoes still growing.  Here's hoping they make it to maturity!

6.  Tonight was meet the teacher night.  It went pretty well.  His teacher has an ap she uses for reminders, which I love.  She also has been teaching for 18 years, which is a definite plus.  B is having a little trouble remembering what his homework is as it has been "like 3 hours" since she told him.  I suspect we'll figure that out soon.  I'm feeling optimistic about the direction of this class year.

7.  Tomorrow, I'm going on a diner date (of sorts) with my brother to check out the new Tucker's location near my house. I might be irrationally excited about it.  It is possible I need to get out of the house a bit more.

8.  I'm nearing 170 days of consecutive exercise. I wish I was loving it more.  I hear it is "good for my body" I will, of course, continue. I try to keep mixing up what I'm doing.  Anyone have an exercise style, video, class, etc that they love and would like to share?

9. This weekend we're theoretically going to Dallas to meet our adorable new nephew,  Grayson.  His mom, however, has had a rough week after being readmitted to the hospital, released, and now having an MRI for head aches.  We're waiting to see how everyone is before we lock in our plans.  I know she and we would appreciate your prayers for healing and recovery.  It is tough enough to be a new mom with two older boys without all this health stuff too.

10.  E may be a gymnast.  He does somersaults all over the place, spends a lot of time standing on his head on the couch, jumping, falling, and being a little crazy.  He seems to young for an activity, but I do see gymnastics class in his future if this continues.  He is generally happy in school, if a bit tired with shorter school day naps.

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