Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Sunday

At long last words + photos for Sunday - M & E don't really know about time changes, but did manage to sleep in until nearly 7 (new time) so that's good.  We played in E's room for awhile with Cowie (the cow), Mario, and Mickey Ears from E's 2nd birthday party
M decided she was sad about not having a sister and began listing girls in our family.  She now, adorably, includes her new Aunt Kari's sisters' daughters. 
E was uninterested in her lack of girl relatives and declared it puzzle time. 
Eventually they wandered outside as the rest of us got ready for the day.  It was chilly, but they don't mind. 
Everyone has a sucker or coffee and some minecraft time before we leave for church. 
9am - Church time at St. John's in Edmond.  We've upgraded in the last two weeks to sitting in the main part of the church.  E was pretty noisy this week, but had a great time?

Church ends just after 10 and we quickly get the big kids doughnuts before they head to Sunday School at 10:15.  Then Brent, E, and I come back to hang out for an hour or so.  I sign up to bring stuff to the Thanksgiving Dinner for the needy and then we head back for more doughnuts for E and a flu shot for Brent.  E finds a three year old girl to chase in the commons and is devastated when she finally leaves after her parents get their flu shots. 
We head back to watch M's class' All Saints Day Parade at 11:10.  Each child wear's a crown with their Saint's name on it and they parade down the hall of the school singing "This Little Light of Mine" with glowing LED candles.  I head inside for the final prayer, song, and announcements. 
Ashtyn is one of M's friends since birth (aka the daughter of our friends).  She is in the same class and we watch over her if her Daddy isn't there during the wrap up time.  They are adorable together. 
B's class had All-Saints Day celebrations too.  He was "William" as they just did everyone's middle names.  Luckily for B both his names are Saint names.  (Saint names are not required at all, but as a kid in Sunday School I always sort of wanted one of my names to be a Saint name, even though I adored the names I had.  In any case, each of our kids has at least one Saint name in the mix). 

11:40 - Next the big moment we've been waiting almost a year for--- we got to meet our 2.5 month old nephew Grayson.  He is adorable, of course.
Grammie, Uncle Brent, and his mom are all very smitten.
Here is the new big brother Matthew --- who needed a little attention. We're quite aware of that issue at our house so we tried to make sure he got it from the very start from us.
There were a lot of LEGO blocks to build with and play with, of course.
Matthew told Uncle Brent about Grayson.
Technically, all six grandchildren are in this picture if you squint :)
Mr. E was looking dapper in his new sweater.
He was a little bit less sure about rough play with Uncle Carl and Matthew, but definitely interested.
Granddaddy cooked hot dogs outside for everyone.
And then, Granddaddy and Ellen came to meet the new grandbaby!
Of course after lunch there was a pirate treasure hunt. (There always is at Granddaddy's house).
As well as lots of talking and baby snuggling.
E is a very fetching pirate.

Pirate treasure hunts involve exploring in the woods along the sides and back of the property looking for clues, following the treasure map, and getting chocolate gold coins at the end!
The ladies mostly stayed inside with baby Grayson.
Uncle Brent helped with the pirate adventures and one very excited small pirate. The Jones needed to start the drive back to Texas and left around 3pm.  We stayed maybe an hour longer to watch some movies with Granddaddy and chat with Grammie. What follows are some images of home on this final afternoon/evening.

There is lots of candy here from Halloween.

And quite a few painted pumpkins as well.  This one features glitter from pumpkin painting with Grandma. (I am no fun as I have no loose glitter on hand, ever). 

B worked on his Spanish ap and then wandered off into games on my phone. 

There are LEGO areas all around and everyone loves them.

There are also just huge numbers of books. This is one of many children's bookshelves. 
Brent spent a portion of the afternoon grading zoology exams. 

M played Minecraft nearby.  Then it was my turn at the computer to upload these photos.  That was around 6 or so.  Sadly, the photos after this are a bit stuck on my camera, but you'll have to trust me that they include some lovely ones of M dressed in a Rapunzel dress dancing with her Daddy.  

I do have one more Oklahoma sunset to share.  It has been a big exhausting project to get this far and I'm really unsure how this makes it in to a book.  I think I'll need to pare each down to closer to 15 pictures rather than the 30+ that are on the blog most days. I suspect collages will be involved, but we'll wait and see what Ali Edwards does and ponder further from there. 

If you want to see blog posts from earlier in the week they are available here:

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