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December Daily 2014 - Days 12 & 13 - PJs + Much more!

Day 12 - two ways - I added an insert here.  The left photo is without the overlay and the right is with it folded across.  This day was very simple.  Just three kids in new PJs on a happy Friday morning.   It was also PJ day in E's class so he got to wear his new jammies to school.  We also brought chocolate cupcakes to school to celebrate his 1/2 birthday so it was a fun day all around.

 I added just a few bits of embellishment from the kit and glittered the date.
This, however is the full spread. The right hand side is just for pretty, really.
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The kit contained raw chipboard with these patterns.  I was following Ali's lead and painted mine white.  As the 12th was E's half birthday I had visions of multiple small photos or a 12 on the 12th with 12 photos from December 12.  The reality of December is that was all too much when it came time to take and find those photos.  So, I followed Ali forward into a pretty page with embellishments, but no complicated photo cropping.  Actually getting it all to work, trying to keep the transparencies back to the next page, and finding all the bits to add did take awhile and lots of attempts were thrown away.. Luckily, it was the weekend and I had a bit more time.

After a comedy of errors with other possibilities I ended up covering the back with one of the large 6x8 patterned papers and made a border with the printed masking tape and a bit of penned in borders too.  I'm OK with it, but it ended up a bit busy.  That said, I'd spent enough time on that random page and Day 13 has so many awesome stories to tell. 

Day 13 was full of plans and stories.  It was so beautiful in so many ways.  First, M and I woke up early and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  She donned her special Santa Lucia crown and carried the breakfast tray out to her specially set table.  (We elected not to carry it to people's beds as it was heavy and destined to be a mess).  She then woke all the men of the house and invited them to breakfast.  She was beautiful and had such a fun time with this special role. I loved being her helper. 
The second story added was about the Nutcracker performance by the OKC Ballet - one of our annual traditions.  M & I went with my mom, sister, one of my best friends, Tracie (aka one of M's Godmother's), and a friend of Tracie's.  M wore her brand new Christmas dress and was so beautiful.  We had a wonderful time.  My favorite part remains the end when she dances through the lobbies of the Civic Center and all the way to the car.
I wanted to include my ticket stub and a picture of M & Tracie so I added a small insert with a bit more text.
The full page spread looks like this with the third story of the day on the right side (even though it actually happened between the first two, but I'm fine with that).

Here is the other side of the insert with my ticket stub over the third story. 

We had planned to visit Santa Clause at the Devon Tower Christmas celebrations on Saturday morning with my sister's family.  As soon as we arrived, it became clear that we would be waiting for hours and didn't want to put up with that.  We switched to an hour or so at the Science Museum instead. The "Power Play" area is a big hit with all the kids and they loved playing at tug of war.

Crafting note.  The orange block in the upper left is actually an empty pocket peaking through to some prep pages behind it.  As I was making this I originally had a "filler" Christmas Tree card here, but as I was photographing it I really wanted a transparent element here.  (You'll see it is empty in some of the above).  Eventually I  filled it with colorful, metallic sequins, the number 14 (for the next day) and  silver glitter stars. The journaling card is very simple with some washi and stamping.

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I love the way you let these pages evolve on their own. So glad you decided to let M stay home some this year…I see her growing in beauty and joy because of it. She needs time alone with people to be her best I think. Blessings on you all. I'm staying here for a while.


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