Friday, December 26, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Days 22 & 23

On Monday, Brent and I both had to work at least a portion of the day.  When we weren't working we made some cookies to prepare for the evening treat exchange at the Lam's house.  The party was fun and doubly so as the Hoppers were there from Georgia.  I miss them.  It was fun to watch M & Allie catch up, just like their mamas were doing.  
The back of Day 21 was 6x8, but none of the pictures from the party was really going to work at that size and there fere only a few to choose from so a collage didn't make sense.  Instead, I went with this pull page graphic + a little glitter tape. 

The little mini-tree over the banner was on one of Ali's earlier pages this month. I added it here with more confetti bits.  I happened on to these left over from last year's kit and they worked well here. I added washi tape & stars to the journaling card and matching washi tape to seal the confetti pocket. 
Day 23 - Able brought me my new mixer, we got to sleep in, Brent watched the kids while I worked, my mom came by to visit, and the kids enjoyed their videos from Santa.  Everyone was on the nice list!

Crafting - the back of the transparency included another tree/banner and a photo of M & Grandma as my mom opened some early presents.  The Journaling card is like Ali's day 4 and one I did earlier in the month, I really like the design though and felt OK repeating it with the extra "Give Love" stamp this time.

The facing page is a large image of the kids watching E's video from Santa. I love that the tree is in the background.  The ration was such that it didn't print well to the full 6x8 so I added it to a piece of graph paper and some glittery tape. I ended up liking that edging.  I also added some more confetti stars that are floating around in there for now.

SO close the end of December.  My book will continue through at least the 28th and possibly the end of the month so stay tuned for more fun to come and Merry Christmas!

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