Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Christmas Recap

1.  Merry Christmas!  This week for my Ten on Tuesday I am going to do a brief version of the Christmas recap and hopefully finish up December Daily later in the week.  Above is our family picture from just before Mass on Christmas Eve. I think the kicking M in the head makes this even more classic. M & I have matching hair styles, which is possible a first and very fun.  It is hard to see here, but we each have a braid along one side of our head and then a braided bun.  We made it through a crowded, long Mass sanity intact, although hair barely so as E was pulling out my bobby pins.  Then we had a lovely fun dinner with the Korenaks before heading home. 

 At home, it was in to PJs, setting up Santa's chair, and then quickly to bed after reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas," obviously.
2.  Christmas morning was fun.  B was VERY enthusiastic about his gifts.  Best Christmas Ever -- or so he says.
 M loved Perry --- almost as much as her new costumes that she rotated throughout the day.
 I loved that every time E unwrapped a present he exclaimed - "It's a huge box!"  Easily satisfied little guy.  We spent the day playing and cooking.  M even built her LEGO Friends set for three hours straight. Grandma, Grammie, and Granddaddy all stopped by for a bite and some playing before continuing celebrations elsewhere. It was a fun day and I was thoroughly exhausted by the end.
 4.  The next day was the big Richard/Rouse celebration at Brent's parents' house.  We "might" have still been a little tired, but had a good day. I am so glad Jamie took this photo of us together.
 5.  The next morning brought snow and presents with Grandparents and cousins.  There were some picture taking troubles as M is holding Grayson instead of John, which he was not pleased about, but we persevered.
 I love how all the cousins interact together as they get bigger.
 There were also snowball fights.
 And sledding Oklahoma style on cardboard boxes with a little help from Uncle Brent.
 6.  Then we went home and cleaned and cooked for the Christmas Tea.  Not nearly as much fun, but our resident "Frost fairy"  (aka Periwinkle)  didn't mind the cold at all.
 7.  The Christmas Tea is a long standing tradition in my family.  Historically, boys were not invited, but everyone was invited this year.  The Tea includes an ornament exchange and B got this lovely chandelier ornament via the Barlow-Nguyens.  He had a great time at the party despite some reluctance initially.
 8.  This is sort of what the Tea looks like in the midst of it. This year, it was a mix of friends from my childhood, our families, our friends and their kids (who are now friends of our kids) and a few people from M's class at school.  Busy fun!
9.  Key elements of the Christmas Tea include Christmas Tea Punch (recently Tracie has been making it and did this year), the Dotter Cheeseball, Meringue Mushrooms (which I make with help from whomever I can recruit--this year Audra and Mom -- you can see them in the trifle dish above, and typically Chex Mix.  The Chex Mix was missing this year as our friend Sarah was sick.  So sad to miss her. 
10.  The party began and ended with our family, the Korenaks, and Wainrights.  I loved it.  We had a great time and B got a little video game time with the big boys.  I also love Brent & Eric's bearded looks.  So handsome.

So, it has been a very busy week.  Fun, delicious, exhausting, happy, and much more.  I'm so glad for this very special season. 

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