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One Little Word - 2014 & 2015

"One Little Word® is about pinpointing one guiding principle and then walking with that word throughout the year. " - Ali Edwards

I have participated in One Little Word (OLW) in one way or another for three or so years.  

My earlier words were:

2011: Savor
2012: Grow

2014: Strong - Strong was a good word for last year.  I wanted to work on the idea of being strong in a number of ways and I did. I liked having that little mantra or push in the direction of my goals.  I made the word visible with the script word art in our home and a beautiful bracelet from my mother-in-law that I wore when I needed a little reminder. Some aspects of strong are hard to really enumerate. One clear example of commitment to being mentally and physically strong is that I have exercised for at least 30 minutes for the last 285 days.  I've also learned to incorporate more strength training into my regime so I am injured or sore less.  

I haven't yet been truly successful in the mental strength to continually make good healthy food choices on a consistent bases despite several tries in 2014.  Exercising daily requires me to make one good decision each day.  Making good consistent food choices requires many more decisions and more commitment. These are just two examples of how strong has resonated this year.  Many more are just little things.  I feel like, in general, the concept of working on being strong is progressing though and that the idea of "strong" in more areas of my life has been a great word for the year that will carry forward with me. 

And now for 2015 - Play! - This year's word is play.  It has slowly emerged over the last few weeks as these things often do.  In 2015, I want to play more.  I want to play with words, ideas, food, our kids, my husband, ideas, art, and new experiences.  I want to experiment, enjoy, laugh, connect, and have fun.  Those things should be automatic, but sometimes they aren't for me.  Sometimes I am too in my electronics or my job or whatever and don't take enough time to relax into the moment and enjoy, to focus on play, to embrace silly.  I'm not sure where this word will take me, but want to be open to the opportunities to play however or wherever I find them. 

In this exercise, we always begin with the definition and thesaurus--- here we go!

Most of the definitions were off point from my concept of the word, but I've included them anyway to show the full range of possibilities of the word.  


 noun \ˈplā\

Definition of PLAY

a :  swordplay
b archaic :  gamesport
c :  the conduct, course, or action of a game
d :  a particular act or maneuver in a game: as 
(1) :  the action during an attempt to advance the ball in football (2) :  the action in which a player is put out in baseball
e :  the action in which cards are played after bidding in a card game
f :  the moving of a piece in a board game (as chess)
g :  one's turn in a game play
a obsolete :  
b :  amorous flirtation :  dalliance
a :  recreational activity; especially :  the spontaneous activity of children
b :  absence of serious or harmful intent :  jest play
c :  the act or an instance of playing on words or speech sounds
d :  gaminggambling
(1) :  an act, way, or manner of proceeding :  maneuverplay
 to get your fingerprints — Erle Stanley Gardner> (2) :  dealventure
(1) :  the state of being active, operative, or relevantplay
 — M. R. Cohen>play(2) :  brisk, fitful, or light movement play of colors>(3) :  free or unimpeded motion (as of a part of a machine);also :  the length or measure of such motion (4) :  scope or opportunity for action (5) :  a function of an electronic device that causes a recording to play
:  emphasis or publicity especially in the news mediaplay
 in the American press — Hugh MacLennan>
:  a move or series of moves calculated to arouse friendly feelings —usually used with make play
 for the girl — Will Herman>

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