Tuesday, April 18, 2017

WITL Monday 2017

 Welcome to the 2017 Week in the Life.  This is, I think, the 9th year I've participated in this project in some way.  Many years, it only lives on the blog and doesn't make it to a printed form, but either way, it is a great exercise, memory keeping device, and a close look at our ordinary daily life in closer detail than is ordinarily achieved.  If you are new to this project. I invite you to check out Ali Edwards' blog for more information.

Monday morning - E is out of school on Easter break so we all got a slightly later start.  Brent and the big kids got up close to 7 and I blissfully slept until 7:20.  The first photo above is 7:43 and is the remainder of my last of six small meals I'm currently eating a day.  You can also see LEGOs left from Easter joining me for breakfast. I also spent some of breakfast texting with Brent's sister about an upcoming family adventure.

7:51am - Big kids get some electronics time between 7:30 and 8.  B is playing a new DS game and M is watching videos about horses. E is still asleep.
7:58am - Jamie gives us the OK to reveal our big summer surprise so M & I woke up E and gathered all the kids around their Easter leftovers for the big reveal that we, the Jones family, and Grammie and Granddaddy are going to Maui in June!  There was much excitement and a lot of questions. I've kept this secret from them for a couple months  so it was great fun to bring them in on the planning.
 8:10am - Bus stop time! E rarely joins us as he is usually at school, but was there for talk of volcanoes, beaches, and summer fun.
After the bus, E eats breakfast and gets dressed while I begin my work day. At 9:10, I drop him off at my sister's house for the morning to play with his friend Ro and baby Thatcher.  We brought my sister a lime truffle pie too. 
 9:31 - Back hom with my work basics, coffee+computers+headphones+planner.  I had some reading to finish for a 10am meeting and spend most of the next several hours in this setting.

12:11pm - Audra brings E and his hedgehog back home. I'm on the phone so let him in and he has a little TV time before naps.  The second photo is 2:49pm after nap time when he's hopefully checking to see if naps are done.
2:50pm - Snuggles and a selfie - My work day usually ends at 3 so I wrapped up my work so we could have some play time. 

 3:29 - Tiger adventures.  He is the baby tiger and I am the momma tiger, of course.  They really like each other.

3:38 - Transformers and flying cars.  We play upstairs a bit longer and come down for a snack close to 4, which is roughly when M & E arrive home. We hang out for awhile and google facts about fun things to do in Maui.

4:19pm  - I have a late call with the GN Committee of our Board.  My boss is traveling so I'm "first chair" and did a lot of talking.  The kids had some electronics time for the 30 or so minutes the call lasted.  This is their view of me through the doors. 

 5:31 - Making dinner.  M&B did chopping duties, E helped gather parsley from the garden and stirred the vegetables in the pan.  Sadly, the timing didn't work out for us to actually "eat" the dinner before gymnastics/swim practice.  (The recipe we made is here, we used ham instead of chicken as we had a lot left from Easter).
 5:55pm - Brent is home and playing with the kids' Easter LEGO sets while we talk about the day and get ready for the evening activities.  He leaves with M&E for gymnastics shortly after 6.

 6:47 - photos from gymnastics.  In the lower photo you'll see E close up, but M is in the background on a beam.  They have gymnastics one hour a week at Oklahoma Gold.
 6:21 - Dropping B off at swimming. Swim team starts at 6:30. We arrived a little early in attempt to get my "leg day" exercises in and still have time for close to 1/2 an hour of Zumba for my cardio.  I exercise at the gym during his practice whenever logistics allow and always need an hour or more to get through the current training plan.  It is usually about 40 minutes of weights and 20-30 minutes of cardio, depending on how much time we have. He has swimming 5 days a week for an hour.
 At home, Brent already has the younger kids through bath and PJs when we arrive, so we eat dinner and then head to book time.  This is E's book about LEGO space at 8:22 (yes, well past bedtime).  M read us a book thereafter.
9:40 - Brent has scheduled online game time with friends Monday evenings.  I am in the background checking to make sure I've gotten all my protein/fat/carbs for the day and eating that sixth small meal before my shower.  I talk to my mom for about 30 minutes about my dad's wake, funeral, etc... (7 years ago nearly!).  I have great intentions to do this blog before bed, but after my shower it is already 10:30 or later so I head to bed instead.

This project is a lot.  You won't see everything every day.  I'm trying to keep the number of photos somewhat smaller so we can fit the key pieces in the printed document for the day. I often use extra photos for other memory keeping during the year so even if they don't make the cut here, they often do help in my broader memory keeping.

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